How to obtain a work permit in Warsaw?

For several years, we have been dealing with a dynamic increase in the number of foreigners employed in Poland, which is particularly related to the great interest in the procedure of obtaining a work permit in Warsaw, which undoubtedly offers many opportunities on the labor market. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs are interested in obtaining information enabling them to legally obtain a work permit in Warsaw. Many employers seek help in the form of advice or in completely entrusting the issue of obtaining a work permit to a lawyer.

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Reminder of the Voivode

As a rule, the deadline that public authorities have to handle your case is set out in Art. 35 of the Code of Administrative Procedure, which stipulates that the settlement of an administrative matter should take place immediately, but not later than within one month of the initiation of the proceedings. In the case of a particularly complex case, the deadline is two months.

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Coronavirus deportation

In the era of the coronavirus epidemic, the lives of both citizens and foreigners residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland encounter various difficulties. One of them is the obligation to submit to quarantine by persons crossing the Polish border pursuant to § 2 (2) of the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 29 May 2020 on establishing specific restrictions, orders and bans in connection with the occurrence of an epidemic. Failure to comply with the quarantine obligation may result in a fine of up to PLN 30,000 imposed by the Poviat Sanitary Inspectorate. According to our practice, the consequences of failure to comply with the abovementioned however, the obligations are far more extensive for foreigners residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland. Recently, the Border Guard began to issue to foreigners breaking quarantine decisions obliging the foreigner to return on the basis of art. 302 paragraph 1 point 9 of the Act on foreigners, the consequence of which is also the expulsion of a given person from Poland. Article 302 para. 1 point 9 of the Act on foreigners provides that: “The decision to oblige a foreigner to return is issued to a foreigner when (…) it is required by reasons of national defense or security or the protection of public safety and order or the interest of the Republic of Poland” In the opinion of the law office, such severe consequences for foreigners residing in the country are unjustified and are not reflected in the content of art. 302 of the Act on foreigners. It should be noted that this is a violation of the administrative law obligation, which in essence was not defined by the legislator as socially harmful enough to be described as a crime or offense. This means that, in accordance with the administrative authorities’ principle of proportionality, no justification can be found for applying to a foreigner the strictest sanction in the form of expulsion from the country.

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Employment of foreigners – attorney lawyer

The Law Firm represents employers in matters related to the employment of foreigners in Poland. We individually analyze the situation and help choose the best solution that will allow you to obtain a work permit in Poland. We have extensive experience in various matters related to the legalization of foreigners’ work in Poland. We deal with obtaining individual permits as well as comprehensive service for employers, fulfilling all obligations on their behalf.

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Appeal – residence card

A foreigner intending to live permanently in Poland must legalize his stay here. His most popular way is to obtain a temporary residence permit first, then after fulfilling the additional conditions permanent or long-term resident’s residence in the European Union. The application for a residence card under the above permits is recognized by the Voivode competent for the place of residence of the foreigner.

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