Law office Warsaw

The Law Office located in Warsaw offers a wide range of legal services regarding, among others: civil, family, criminal, foreigners, administrative proceedings. The activities carried out by the office are carried out with the utmost diligence, in full confidentiality, because your interests are my priority. A professional approach to cases combined with an individual approach to the client, guarantees that every case and every client is treated with due care. The scope of services provided is wide, so I can take care of even very complex matters. I am in constant contact with clients, which is why I am able to dispel any questions and doubts without unnecessary expectations. The Law Firm provides services for natural persons as well as business entities. Many years of experience allow me to find the optimal solution to the problem presented.

Lawyer Warsaw Center

If you are looking for a law office in Warsaw, please contact me to discuss the details of the case. Tomasz Błoński, lawyer, conducts activities on a one-off basis, as well as on a permanent cooperation basis. My goal is to carry out the commissioned case effectively and efficiently. Due to the fact that I am involved
in my work, which is also my passion, I am constantly expanding my knowledge and skills to strive to solve every problem, even the most demanding one. If you have questions or want to seek legal advice, please contact me. I will try to provide you with all possible options and provide the most important information that will help you take further steps. We invite you to cooperate with the Law

Effective lawyer in Warsaw

Court proceedings are often lengthy and therefore quite costly. The party appearing in the trial must take into account the necessity to incur many expenses related to, for example, court fees, costs in the course of the case and the employment of a professional attorney (attorney or legal advisor). In certain cases, Polish law may provide legal aid ex officio. An ex officio lawyer may represent a party in criminal proceedings, in civil cases and before an administrative court. The court will accord a solicitor ex officio when certain conditions are met. In other situations, it is often necessary to pay for effective legal services. The law is essentially based on indeterminate provisions, the interpretation of which is made by the advocate on the basis of experience, jurisprudence and doctrine. Customer representation means choosing a solution that, on the one hand, minimizes costs, and on the other hand, is aimed at effectively satisfying the customer’s claims. Successfully conducted administrative and court proceedings are based not only on the knowledge and experience, but also on the attorney’s personal efforts. In Warsaw, few attorneys enjoy unquestionable effectiveness more than one area of law. However, the demand for legal advice increases significantly, which makes it difficult to choose one of the Warsaw attorneys. Clients are looking for an attorney who will be able to efficiently and quickly settle their cases. Such an advocate should provide interested persons with the opportunity to quickly and efficiently obtain the desired result in any case, counteracting the excessive length of proceedings in all cases, which in Warsaw are often very long.

What is the work of an effective lawyer?

The lawer represents clients in criminal, civil or administrative proceedings, appearing at hearings in Warsaw and other cities, and deals with the preparation of effective pleadings and appeals. An advocate helps in obtaining documentation necessary for the effective conduct of the proceedings and provides legal assistance to clients in the form of advice provided at meetings with an attorney at the Law Firm in Warsaw or remotely – in a situation where legal assistance is provided by an attorney to a client who is abroad and therefore not is able to come to Warsaw for a meeting at the Law Firm.

The course of cooperation with an advocate.

Cooperation with an attorney begins with signing a mandate contract and granting the attorney a power of attorney to represent the client in the case before the competent authority. After concluding the contract, the lawyer prepares and presents the client with a list of documents necessary in a given case so that it can be handled efficiently and quickly. Then the attorney verifies the correctness of the documentation provided by the client, and also helps in obtaining some documents. Subsequently, the advocate initiates the case or reports to the case if it is already pending. During the proceedings, the advocate is always in constant contact with the authority and guarantees the exchange of correspondence related to the case. The role of the advocate is to ensure that the proceedings run smoothly, without delay and that the client obtains a satisfactory result as soon as possible. The client also has the option of contacting an attorney at any time and obtaining full information on the progress of his case.

The scope of the lawyer’s services.

The range of services provided by an effective lawyer is usually relatively wide. An effective attorney conducts criminal and civil cases, within it for example inheritance cases, as well as cases in the field of family law. An effective attorney also specializes in a specific area of ​​law, offering assistance in, for example, foreigners’ cases. Effectively represents foreigners before the Border Guard in deportation cases; foreigners placed in closed concentration centers outside Warsaw, also helps with the registration of companies by foreigners; represents foreigners in court in a case to obtain consent to enter into marriage; as well as employers in matters concerning work permits for foreigners. The advocate also deals with the cases of foreigners in the proceedings for obtaining Polish citizenship or for granting Polish citizenship by the President of the Republic of Poland, or represents persons interested in obtaining confirmation of Polish citizenship. The lawyer provides assistance in the transcription and legalization of foreign documents. The advocate then prepares all the necessary documents, delivers them to the relevant offices and represents foreigners in the course of administrative proceedings.

An attorney offers assistance in handling cases from the moment they are initiated, through the subsequent stages of the proceedings, until their successful completion.