The Law Firm, as one of the few, specializes in matters related to the arrival, stay and work of foreigners in Poland. Our many years of experience allow us to help in the most complicated and difficult matters.

We have experience in all matters related to the law of foreigners on Polish territory, which allows us to find the best solutions to problems that seem insurmountable.

The Law Firm supports foreigners during the entire legalization process of their stay in Poland, from obtaining an entry visa to finally obtaining a Polish citizenship by a foreigner. The situation of each client is different, which is why in each case we provide specialized services tailored to the client’s individual situation, in line with his various needs and expectations.

A foreigner can obtain comprehensive assistance at the highest level during legal advice provided both at an individual meeting with a lawyer, as well as by e-mail or telephone.

Marriage in Poland by a foreigner, necessary documents

A common problem faced by foreigners wanting to get married in Poland is obtaining the necessary documents, the number of which can be overwhelming for a foreigner. However, thanks to the help of our qualified employees, this process will be carried out quickly and efficiently. The Law Firm has extensive experience in this field, in particular in contacts with diplomatic missions, or in obtaining a court order that there are no obstacles to marry.

It should be remembered that marriage with a Polish citizen allows legalization of a foreigner’s stay in Poland.

Transcription of foreign civil status files

Foreigners coming to Poland are often obliged to use marital status files issued in their country before Polish offices and courts. There are situations when the original foreign document is not sufficient and the authorities require the foreigner to transcribe (i.e. enter his foreign marital status record in Polish books). The Law Firm also conducts transcription cases for clients.

Employer service

For several years we have been dealing with a dynamic increase in the number of foreigners employed in Poland. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs are interested in entrusting a foreigner with work in accordance with applicable regulations. The provisions regulating this issue are arranged in various acts, complementing or excluding each other, which, unfortunately, often leads to situations in which the employer has concerns and doubts, often resulting in giving up the desire to employ a foreigner. Considering that foreigners willing to work in various professions will be arriving, sooner or later, every entity employing employees will be dealing with this issue. The topic of employing foreigners is particularly important in a situation where finding the necessary hands for work in our country creates more and more difficulties, which can directly lead to inhibiting the development of even the best organized enterprise. The Law Firm has extensive experience in providing legal services to entrepreneurs related to employing foreigners at the highest level. We help to improve employment of foreigners, we propose procedures to accelerate this process and avoid mistakes resulting in severe penalties.

Services provided by the Law Firm in the field of foreigners’ law

Below is an example catalog of services related to foreigners provided by the Law Firm:

• we help in obtaining a residence card;

• we represent foreigners in matters related to the legalization of their stay in Poland;

• we obtain for foreigners: temporary residence permit (temporary residence card), permanent residence permit (permanent residence card), long-term resident’s European Union residence permit (long-term resident’s European Union residence card), permit for tolerated stay, permission to stay with humanitarian reasons, international protection (refugee status, subsidiary protection);

• we help in preparing the application and documents regarding legalization of foreigner’s stay;

• we help foreigners to obtain Polish citizenship (recognition as a citizen, granting citizenship by the president);

• we conduct cases related to confirmation of Polish citizenship for people who have acquired this citizenship in the past;

• we help find the best solution to the situation regarding the legal stay of foreigners;

• we obtain a legal stay for foreigners residing illegally in Poland;

• we provide advice on the possibilities of taking up work by foreigners in Poland;

• we provide comprehensive service for employers in the field of employing foreigners;

• we help in registering companies by foreigners;

• we help in establishing companies and registering a company in Poland, and in constructing civil law contracts and economic contracts with foreign entities,

• we prepare appeals against decisions refusing to grant a residence card;

• we help to avoid deportation;

• we obtain for clients an earlier repeal of the entry ban on Poland;

• we represent foreigners before the Border Guard, before offices and before Administrative Courts;

• we obtain work permits for foreigners;

• we register declarations of intention to entrust work to a foreigner;

• we obtain information from the staroste for an employer wishing to employ a foreigner.

Lawyer specializing in foreigners’ cases in Warsaw

Cases of foreigners in Warsaw

In Warsaw relatively few lawyers provide assistance in the field of foreigners’ law. However, the demand for legal advice in this area is increasing significantly, which can be observed especially in Warsaw. Foreigners are looking for a lawyer who will represent them before the Voivode and the Head of the Office for Foreigners in cases that concern obtaining a temporary residence permit (residence card). Such a lawyer should ensure that foreigners can quickly and efficiently obtain a residence permit in Poland, counteracting the excessive length of proceedings in cases of foreigners, which occur especially often in Warsaw.

What is the work of a lawyer specializing in foreigners’ matters?

Lawyer specializing in foreigners’ cases deals with the preparation of appeals against negative decisions and represents the foreigner in the appeal proceedings before the Head of the Office for Foreigners; and also conducts proceedings in cases of foreigners before the Voivode and the Head of the Office for Foreigners for obtaining a permanent residence permit and a long-term residence permit for a European Union resident. The lawyer helps to obtain the documentation necessary to get the residence permit and provides legal assistance to foreigners in form of advice provided during a meeting with a lawyer at a law office in Warsaw or remotely – when legal assistance is provided by a lawyer to a foreigner who is staying abroad and as a result is not able to come to Warsaw for a meeting at the office.

Residence permit.

Cooperation with a lawyer begins with signing a contract of mandate and granting the lawyer a power of attorney to represent a foreigner in a case before the office. After concluding the contract, the lawyer prepares and presents to the foreigner a list of documents necessary to obtain a residence permit. Then the lawyer verifies the correctness of the documentation provided by the foreigner, and also helps in obtaining certain documents. Subsequently, the lawyer arranges an appointment at an office in Warsaw or another city, during which a complete application initiating the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Poland is submitted. During the proceedings, the lawyer is always in constant contact with the Office and guarantees the exchange of correspondence related to the case. The role of the lawyer is to ensure that the proceedings run smoothly, without delay and that the foreigner receives the decision as soon as possible. At any time, a foreigner also has the opportunity to contact a lawyer and obtain full information on the progress of his case.

Other matters relating to foreigners.

In addition, the range of services provided by the lawyer also includes all other matters related to immigration law. The lawyer represents foreigners before the Border Guard in deportation cases; foreigners placed in closed centers outside Warsaw, helps with the registration of companies by foreigners; represents foreigners in court in a case to obtain consent to enter into marriage; as well as employers in matters concerning work permits for foreigners. The lawyer also deals with the cases of foreigners in the proceedings for obtaining Polish citizenship or for granting Polish citizenship by the President of the Republic of Poland, or represents persons interested in obtaining confirmation of Polish citizenship. The lawyer provides assistance in the transcription and legalization of foreign documents.

 The lawyer prepares all the necessary documents, delivers them to the appropriate offices and represents foreigners in the course of administrative proceedings.

The lawyer offers assistance in legalizing the stay from the moment of first entry to Poland, through the continuation of the stay, as well as with problems related to the necessity to leave the country. The procedure of applying for a temporary residence permit by foreigners and work does not have to be burdensome. Having appropriate substantive knowledge in the field of administrative law, in particular the Act on foreigners, the lawyer guarantees fast and efficient conduct of the proceedings.