Due to the conflict in Ukraine, many inhabitants of those areas will want to get to Poland to find shelter and safe conditions for everyday life. For many of them, it raises a number of problems related to the legalization of stay, obtaining a work permit, legalization of a relationship or reunification with the family.

The law firm will answer any questions related to immigration and refugee law and will help to comprehensively solve any problems that people seeking legal support will report to. We can, in particular, deal with matters relating to the legalization of stay, granting the refugee status, deportation, deletion from the SIS system, as well as obtaining documents needed to marry in Poland, obtaining Polish citizenship or registration of civil status records in Poland. The law firm can also help you relocate your business

We conduct cases for granting international protection (asylum, refugee status). Considering the current situation in Ukraine, asylum in Poland may be a very good decision.

We also offer services in the field of commercial law, in particular, setting up a business and companies in the territory of the Republic of Poland, making any changes to the National Court Register, as well as transferring business to Poland.

We deal with obtaining declarations on entrusting work and work permits for foreigners, and we help to obtain a residence permit for the purpose of performing work or running a business.

We will find a solution for people who want to bring their families to Poland who are still in Ukraine, even in very complicated legal situations.

Cooperation with the Law Firm will help to regulate the residence and professional situation in Poland in an optimal way, so that it does not cause any problems in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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