The Law Firm provides legal assistance in civil and commercial matters. We provide legal advice and represent clients in cases both at the pre-trial stage (negotiations, settlements, mediation) and in court proceedings. The Law Firm’s services are addressed to individual clients and entrepreneurs. The Law Office is based in Warsaw, but we run cases throughout the country.

Below is an example catalog of civil and commercial matters within which we help our clients.

Payment matters

The Law Firm represents clients in matters of payment. These are the most frequently conducted proceedings, due to the fact that both natural persons and entrepreneurs conclude many contracts, which often have to be enforced through court proceedings.

We try to handle payment matters efficiently, taking into account the client’s individual situation. Due to experience in this matter, we often manage to quickly bring about a successful outcome for the client. We conduct settlement negotiations, represent clients in court and help in effective and quick execution.

We also investigate claims for damages (including from insurers arising as a result of crime, caused by the unreliable operation of another entity or person).

We help in matters related to the protection of personal rights.

Giving opinions and preparation of contracts

The law firm will prepare, at the client’s request, an analysis of the contract to be concluded (among others: lease contracts, sales contracts, development contracts). The Law Firm also prepares draft contracts from scratch in accordance with the client’s guidelines.

We provide comprehensive services for entrepreneurs in the preparation and assessment of all business-related contracts (e.g. employment contracts, service contracts, commission contracts, specific work contracts, sales contracts, or other unnamed contracts, depending on the client’s needs) .

Protection of property and infringed property

The Law Firm deals with matters regarding the ownership of real estate. We determine the legal status of real estate, and also represent clients, e.g. in cases regarding the return of real estate, reconciliation of the state of the land and mortgage register with real legal status, confirmation of ownership of property, division of property, and protection of infringed property.

We also help in cases of recovering lost property.

Service for entrepreneurs

The Law Firm provides comprehensive services for entrepreneurs.

We provide permanent legal services as well as ad hoc assistance in a specific case.

Legal service for entrepreneurs is carried out on terms agreed with the client, in Warsaw and the whole country. Entrepreneurs are served on the basis of a contract in which the remuneration can be set as a lump sum or at hourly rates.

Scope of service for entrepreneurs ::

  • legal advice;
  • employing foreigners;
  • company registration;
  • matters for payment;
  • negotiations;
  • protection of personal rights; preparing and giving opinions on commercial contracts and contracts;
  • copyrights (patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks);
  • representation in court;
  • enforcement of receivables;
  • pursuing claims in criminal matters;
  • employee matters;
  • obtaining necessary permits.