The Law Firm provides legal assistance in matters related to crime and offenses. We have experience in acting as a lawyer for the accused. We represent persons detained and deprived of liberty both at the pre-trial and trial stages. We represent both suspects and accused persons, as well as victims and auxiliary prosecutors. The Law Office is based in Warsaw, but we run cases throughout the country.

We conduct criminal cases, in particular regarding acts against:

  • family and care (lack of proper care, abuse, acts to the detriment of a minor, illegal adoption);
  • employees (violation of employee rights, violation of occupational health and safety regulations);
  • life and health (murder, battery, no help)
  • freedom (harassment, threat, kidnapping, violation of sexual intimacy);
  • freedom of conscience and religion (offense to religious feelings);
  • safety in communication (traffic accidents, drunk driving);
  • honor or bodily integrity (defamation, violation of inviolability);
  • activities of state institutions (assault on an officer, corruption – active and passive bribery, abuse of rights);
  • credibility of documents (forgery);
  • business transactions (phishing loan, phishing, money laundering, harming creditor);
  • property (theft, burglary, robbery, fraud, misappropriation, fencing);
  • sexual freedom (sexual abuse, rape, pedophilia)